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6 Hot Make up Trends that’s in


Just like our hair trends and sudden affinity for sweatpants in public, the new eyebrow trends signal a return to natural fuller eyebrows, so put down the at-home wax strips and get on board with these new brow shapes of 2021.

The new style combines strong geometry with a notable lift, and sports a subtle arch with feathery tail—all the while remaining fluffy and full. Less dark and bold, more hair like. the ‘geolift’ brow bids farewell to “insta brows”

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BeingLayla from Instagram


The warmer months call for lightweight, colorful, and non-boring makeup looks that won’t melt away. For the long-awaited summer of 2021, A lit-from-within approach to your makeup look is all the rage this summer. With an array of graphic liner looks with all the colors of the rainbow to using catchy shadows to make your eyes the attention.

According to celebrity makeup artist Keita Moore, skin is in and lightweight coverage is at the forefront of this season’s trends. “It makes sense that having to wear a mask has minimized full coverage makeup looks. People have been taking better care of their skin and are reaching for lighter coverage,” Moore says.

Yes, it’s time to get excited about using color again with your eyes as your canvas.

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Here, makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes sports hot pink eyeshadow paired with a nude lip and glowing skin (via Instagram). Perfection.
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A pop of red liner for this modern Arabian look by BeingLayla

BOLD LIP COLOR & “popsicle/Ombre” Lips

It makes sense that following a year where half of our faces were hidden, one might say—that people are, once again, reaching for lipstick. As Diane von Furstenberg once said, “lipstick is to the face as punctuation is to a sentence.” However, lipstick isn’t just about making a statement—the story of lipstick is also the story of transformation

Whatever your reasons for trying out a new lip shade—whether you want a colorful pick-me-up or a look that turns heads—below are four striking lip trends to consider as we emerge from our cocoons. From a splashy orange lip color to the more muted hue of a stain. The Ombre lips are making a come back with a “popsicle” version. With a color combo of dark liner, beige/nude lip shade and a pop of color in the center smudged all together to form an effect.

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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram (from left to right)/@joyjah, @alissajanay, @yumi_mori, @jackieaina
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The Ombre lips in action on Layla

it is the beauty trend of 2021 is all about embracing your skin’s natural texture. It’s okay for your pores, scars, blemishes and discoloration to peek through your makeup! Think of this trend as an update to the no-makeup, makeup look.
This trend comes as no surprise considering we’ve been nursing maskne for months and trying to feel good in our skin while doing as little as possible to our faces.
The heart of this trend is enhancing skin’s luminosity, concealing skin’s texture or imperfections. Instead of reaching for a heavy-duty foundation, use a color-correcting concealer to cancel out any redness or discoloration.
Conceal only where needed and use a light based cream powder to pat on the skin.

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Shazy Zahid from instagram rocking the “bare face” look
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Hanaylee from Instagram


Grab your black liquid liners, folks, because the classic “KOHL” “KAJAL” style is back for 2021 in a renamed version as “reverse cat eye” This look is nothing more than soft eye shadows on top and a bold kohl liner smudged under the water line enhancing the inner corner and outer corner in a thin cat eye. The result is a smoky, sultry undereye that wings out at the corner to create a sexy feline shape.
As we formerly knew it as “Arabic or desi” make up or perhaps even the Skater girl grunge look from the millennium. Pair it with bold brows, extra-long lashes, and neutral-colored matte lips for a look that’s glam but still easy going. We refuse to call it the reverse cat eye though.

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Karlieelee from Instagram


Firstly, glossy lips are timeless. It looks healthy, glowing and just drop-dead gorgeous on anybody. It can look natural or glam – it’s very versatile. You can wear it with no makeup at all or with a full face. You can add to an already stunning lip color by swiping a clear gloss on top, or wear it as a lip look on its own by choosing a tinted or colored gloss. The options are endless and that’s what makes the glossy lip such an appealing beauty trend.

With the face mask taking over our life, the glossy lips has taken a back seat for a lil while. Whether it is satin or super glossy, lip-gloss is the one of the top items this fall. “It can be worn alone, as a base, or as a topper to show off your lips while locking in hydration and moisture

Gloss is slowly making a comeback on the lids and yes on the lips (perhaps we have the Y2K trend to thank for it), but this season it’s all about subtle satiny lips that add just the right amount of shine.

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Sakshi Narang from Instagram

Which one is your favorite out of these trends we listed? We are dying over the graphic eye liner looks and seriously loving the transparent skin. Let us know if you have jumped on the trend wagon YET?

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